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About Audi 100 Quattro

Your Audi represents a consummate blend of sophisticated automotive technology and old world German craftsmanship. The Audi 100 Quattro has a 4 door sedan body style. The popular US version of the Audi 100 Quattro is based on the 4 door C-1 platform of Audi's 'big' coupe, beginning in 1968. The first four-wheel drive version was tested in 1976, but it pre-dated the Quattro by years. The C4 platform Audi 100 was, in essence, a heavily revised C3. It was introduced in 1991 with a new 2.8 liter SOHC V6, later joined by a 2.6 variant. The option of Quattro permanent four-wheel drive was an option, as was the ZF four-speed automatic gearbox. There was a V8 version, but it did not carry the 100 nameplates, instead of wearing its own badge.
With the Quattro drive, Audi became a pioneer in all-wheel-drive systems for passenger cars. By 1982, a third generation 100 was built, including a wagon called the Avant, and the engine lineup included turbocharged 5 cylinders. Audi model 100 C3 (model 44) belongs to mid-size luxury / executive car class. Represents the "E (executive cars)" market segment. The car was offered with a 4-door sedan, station wagon body styles between the years 1982 and 1991. The third generation Audi 100, launched in September 1982, had an aerodynamic look, achieving a drag coefficient of 0.30 for its smoothest base model. The increased aerodynamic efficiency resulted in better fuel economy. The design was in contrast to the boxy shape of the C2. Audi innovated flush windows on the C3, a key area for aerodynamic drag that has been widely adopted by other manufacturers.

Audi 100 Quattro Common Problems and Maintenance Tips

The Audi 100 Quattro doesn't have a lot of complaints but here's a list of the few complaints reported about this vehicle by consumers.
One issue with the Audi 100 Quattro is that the vehicle tends to overheat at about the 100,000 miles to 150,000 mileage range. It's been reported that when driving on flat surfaces, the temperatures stay normal. When going up hill is when the temperature begins to overheat and loses water. If you think that your vehicle is about to boil over, pull over to the right-hand side of the road, open the hood and sit there until things cool off.
A recall has been issued for some 1989-1993 Audi 100 Quattro vehicles. Some airbag sensors may not comply with Audi's durability standards over the lifetime of the vehicle. In the event the sensor should malfunction, the airbag restraining system could be deployed in the absence of an impact or accident. Deployment of the airbag restraining system without warning could cause a driver to lose vehicle control with the risk of an accident.
A problem with some 1991-1992 model Audi 100's is that vehicles equipped with a Bose sound system have a possibility that an electrolytic capacitor in one of the rear speaker amplifiers could cause overheating and can result in a fire. For vehicles affected by this recall, Audi will remove the existing amplifiers and install a new replacement amplifier into your Audi vehicle.
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