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About Audi 5000

Also known as Audi 100, the first large automobile of the Audi brand's pose-WWII revival, Audi 5000 was built by the German automobile manufacturer Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group between 1976 and 1988 as a mid-size luxury executive car. Originally introduced to the United States as a 4-door sedan, Audi 5000 was actually North American version of Audi 100. Competing against the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Acura Legend, the 5000 was a sales success in the United States. But after only three years, Audi dumped the Audi 5000 name for the U.S. market in 1989 and began using the vehicle's European names-Audi 100 and 200-for all markets after two generations.
The first-generation Audi 5000 was produced from 1976 and 1982 based on the Volkswagen Group C2 platform when the Audi 100 is in its second generation. It was offered in three body styles, 2-door saloon/sedan, 4-door saloon/sedan and 5-door hatchback and came in two trim levels: base Audi 5000 and Audi 5000 Turbo. During this generation, Audi 5000 was powered by 2.1 L inline 5-cylinder engine rated at 103 hp, 2.1 L turbocharged I5 producing 130 hp, 2.0 L I5 diesel making 67 hp and 2.0 L turbodiesel I5 generating 84 horsepower and engines sent power through a 3-speed automatic transmission to front wheels. More recent Audi 5000 was introduced for the 1982 model year based on the Volkswagen Group C3 platform. It was available in Audi 5000 S and Audi 5000 Turbo and both of them were on Car and Driver's Ten Best List for 1984 and 1985. Back then, Audi 5000 got power from 2.1 L, 2.2 L and 2.3 L I4 mated to 3-speed automatic transmission.

Audi 5000 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a such an old vehicle like Audi 5000, even though it was built well and perfectly, I believe if you still have a running Audi 5000, then these common problems on it would be strange for you:
First, the main problem for an old model like Audi 5000 would be the engine failure, which is often seen as the omen of vehicle breaking down. Some Audi 5000 drivers may feel at a loss when meeting this problem during driving, that is why here we offer some recognizable and simple symptoms of this issue to help them diagnose and solve it as early as possible. Normally, it starts with strange noises such as whining, squealing or rattling from the engine; then the engine experiences performance issues such as running roughly, misfiring, stalling and even suffering from starting issues; there will also be a big reduction in power, acceleration and fuel economy. When the Check Engine Light also comes on, it is a high time for you to inspect the working condition of Audi 5000 spark plug, oxygen sensor, fuel pump, oil filter, air filter, engine control module and valve cover gasket.
Second, for Audi 5000 drivers, transmission failure won't be a strange problem. But due to lack of enough knowledge about this problem, many Audi 5000 owners suffered a big loss as they could not solve it in time and prevent it from causing drivability problems. Therefore, these typical symptoms should be learned by you. When there are clunking or grinding noises from underneath the vehicle; when there are leaking transmission fluids on the ground; when the indicator does not match the gear; when the vehicle starts in another gear or refuses to go into any gear; when transmission slips and surge; and when you find difficulty in shifting gears, you should know the Audi 5000 transmission assembly, automatic transmission filter, automatic transmission shifter, transfer case seal and clutch fork are often the culprits.
To make sure very ride be safe and comfortable on your Audi 5000, you need to make sure vulnerable auto parts on it are in right order. In other words, parts including Audi 5000 seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, fog light, headlight, antenna and cabin air filter should be maintained routinely to sustain the best shape.
If your Audi 5000 needs new parts replacements, you are highly recommended to choose OEM Audi 5000 auto parts. happens to carry a complete catalog of lowest-priced manufacturer-warranted genuine Audi 5000 auto parts online. All these OEM Audi 5000 parts are impeccable in quality, reliability and durability, you can shop with confidence as hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service will also get your back.