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About Audi 5000 Quattro

The 1985-1991 Audi 5000 Quattro/200 Quattro was the senior late-'80s Audi, featuring top-line turbocharged trim with Quattro all-wheel drive. It was called 5000 CS Turbo Quattro in the United States through 1988, then 200 Quattro. The Audi 5000 Quattro/200 Quattro was launched in Europe during 1982 (model-year '84 U.S. debut). They were considered the most aerodynamic cars of their kind, thanks to low-drag shape with features like flush side glass. The third generation Audi 5000 Quattro was widely noted for its advanced aerodynamic design solutions, which included pin-located, flush side windows — and achieved a drag coefficient of 0.30.
The 1985-1991 Audi 5000 Quattro/200 Quattro is the most collectible of recent big Audis for obvious reasons, though values shouldn't start rising for a good while yet. Quattro is the name of Audi's all-wheel-drive system, which in this 5000 comes in Quattro I form with dashboard indicators and a manual locking switch for the diffs. The most sophisticated and most luxurious of this type of car no doubt is the Audi 5000 Quattro, a German sports sedan aimed at the upper end of the market. It certainly isn't a car for everybody, but those who can afford it and those who can appreciate it should have a couple of things to say when the conversation turns to automobiles.

Audi 5000 Quattro Common Problems and Maintenance Tips

We're actively looking for and collecting date on the most common problems or issues with the Audi 5000 Quattro.
One of the most common problems as reported by Audi 5000 Quattro owners is that the door handles tend to break. The typical repair cost for a replacement door handle is about $30 dollars. The solution to this issue would be to make door handles stronger and more durable so that they don't break.
Some owners of the 1978 through 1986 model Audi 5000 vehicles equipped with automatic transmission have reported incidents of sudden full throttle acceleration from a stationary position which is said to have occurred without the use of the gas pedal. Simultaneously the brake system was reported to be inoperative.
Another reported problem with the Audi 5000 Quattro is that under adverse weather conditions, outer rubber layer of brake hoses may become brittle and develop cracks. The cracks could lead to loss of brake fluid resulting in an increase in stopping distance and possibly resulting in an accident.
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