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About Audi Quattro

Seen as a key to establish Audi as a high-tech, performance-oriented manufacturer, Audi Quattro was built by the German automobile manufacturer Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group between 1980 and 1991 as a mid-size rally car. Originally engineered to win races, and while it did win more than its share of rally races, Quattro got its name from the Italian word, meaning "four" in English and it was commonly referred to as the Ur-Quattro (Ur in German means primordial, original and first of its kind). Competing against the Saab 9000, BMW 740 and Jaguar XJ6, Quattro did win in several motorsport race matches. But after being manufactured for only ten years, Quattro was replaced by the Audi S2.
Though Audi Quattro enjoyed its life for about ten years, it was available in the North American market only from 1983 model year to 1985 model year. Debuted at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show, Quattro went on sale for the 1983 model year in North America and immediately won the favor of the buff-book press and their enthusiast readers. Built at the same Volkswagen Group B2 platform, the North American version Quattro is similar to European version Quattro. It was offered in only one body style, 2-door coupe but Quattro was equipped with larger impact bumpers with built-in shock absorber, air conditioning, leather upholstery and other luxury features. During its whole life in North America, Audi Quattro was powered by a 2.l L SOHC inline 5-cylinder engine rated at 160 hp and this engine sent power through a 5-speed manual transmission to four wheels.

Audi Quattro Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though Audi Quattro was a high-tech and performance-oriented sports car, the youngest one now is at least thirty-one years old. Therefore, these common problems on Quattro deserve your enough attention:
First, for an aged model like Audi Quattro, engine failure is definitely its most common and serious issue as this problem is often regarded as the indicator of vehicle breaking down. Any driver, including those who have not enough knowledge about working principle of automobiles, knows the significance of a properly operated engine. You had better learn about these recognizable and simple symptoms of this problem provided by experienced Quattro drivers. First of all, the engine will make sounds to attract your attention; if failed, engine will experience suffered performance such as roughly running, misfiring, stalling and even hard starting or inability to start; you will also notice a huge reduction in power while acceleration and in fuel economy. When the Check Engine Light comes on, it is a high time for you to inspect the Quattro spark plug, fuel pump, oil filter, air filter, valve cover gasket, engine control module, drive belt and timing belt tensioner immediately.
Second, another issue complained most by Audi Quattro drivers would be the braking failure. The working condition of braking system decides if the driver could reach at the destination safely or not. No Quattro driver will ignore this issue and that is why you should be aware of these typical symptoms of it. When you hear the brakes make noisy sound and they respond poorly when being depressed; when you see leaking braking fluids on the ground; when the brake pedal pulsates heavily in operation; when the rear brakes get locked up easily, especially on wet surface; when the parking brake could not hold the car properly; and when both Brake Warning Light and Parking Brake Cable are illuminated, you should know the Quattro brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum, brake caliper, brake proportioning valve, brake line and parking brake cable are often the culprits.
To obtain satisfying driving experience, please attach enough importance to performing routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts on your Audi Quattro. Some parts such as Quattro seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna, fog light, headlight and cabin air filter though play important roles in creating safe and comfortable driving environment but they are exposed to harsh working conditions as well, maintaining them routinely is essential.
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